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Bangkok Executive Search is both the best and fastest growing executive search firm in Thailand.  Our ability to quickly identify and place top performing mid to senior level executives in companies throughout Thailand has made us the preferred executive search firm among prestigious members of the Thai business community.

What Makes Bangkok Executive Search Better Than Any Other Search Firm in Southeast Asia


  • Most experienced group of high level executive search consultants in Southeast Asia.
  • Our technological expertise allows us to research candidate’s at a far more in-depth level. Additionally, our advanced skill set in research provides us an ability to connect with candidates far easily than search firms that rely on outdated methods.
  • We never use job board posting sites as our candidates are entirely sourced from the top companies in the industry.  As a result, we present people to companies that they never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.
  • We don’t used flawed methods such as job descriptions as research shows top performing executives find “applying” to a job description demeaning.  Also, job descriptions portray companies as selfish and insensitive as they only provide a checklist of all the company demands.
  • There is intense competition for the best talent.  The companies that partner with Bangkok Executive Search are getting the best “closers” in selling their opportunities.  Furthermore, companies that are sending their human resources staff or functional managers to compete with us for talent are constantly losing because those individuals are not sales experts.
  • Due to our extensive experience in sales and recruiting, we are able to control the process so that we have a 98% offer acceptance rate. So often companies invest significant time and money into candidates only to have their offer rejected at the last minute.  This happens because the company did not control the process and failed to trial close the candidate throughout the process.
  • Our average executive search takes forty days to close where an Asian company typically take 117 days to reach the offer and acceptance stage.


In building an exceptional organization, you need great people.  Steve Jobs of Apple once said, “I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 or 100 to 1.  Given that, you’re well advised to go after the cream of the crop.  A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players”.

In pursuing great talent, you need to start by assembling the best team of recruiting professionals who possess a very deep skill set comprised of sales, executive and talent acquisition experience.   In speaking with clients, we often ask them if their recruiting team can provide the company with a list of the top twenty Asian based employed professionals in a particular role within an hour.  Furthermore, we encourage them to consider how their organization would contact these individuals and do they have the ability to gain the interest of highly successful employed professionals within 30 seconds.

The reality is that corporate recruiting teams do not know who the best people are as their talent acquisition strategy consists of using job boards whose audience is the unemployed, underperforming and unwanted.   Also, organizations do not hire people for their recruitment departments who have served in executive roles or have years of experience in managing high performing sales teams at industry leading companies.

As the number one executive search in Southeast Asia, we educate our clients on what executives and successful professionals share with us during our focus groups and discussions and the fact is they don’t ever search the internet looking for employment nor does a job description ever generate any interest.

What successful people all want is to feel desired and they universally agree that getting a phone call from a top search firm is the best way for a company to make a great first impression.   It also indicates to successful people that the organization values talented professionals and is willing to make the investments necessary to be an industry leading company.  Furthermore, once a company develops a reputation for being “cheap” by using job board posting sites to hire people, they essentially guarantee that successful people within their organization as well as in the business community will either look to leave or stay away from the company entirely.



What Is Our Recruiting Process?

  • Bangkok Executive Search schedules an initial appointment with the prospective client.
  • We research the prospective client and any rumors or concerns in the marketplace that could impact future recruiting efforts.
  • The initial appointment is conducted and we take time to learn more about the company and the skill set and personality desired.  We also coordinate interview schedules and set placement deadlines.  If any concerns or rumors were discovered during our initial investigation, we address those items at this time.
  • We develop a preliminary list of the top executives currently employed in the industry and share that roster of potential candidates with the client in order to compile a shortlist.  We also request feedback or suggestions so that we can deliver precisely what the client is seeking for their critical opening.
  • Our search firm contacts all the candidates that passed the initial screening.  During our conversations, we “sell” the opportunity and learn more about the candidates, including their compensation and motivations.
  • As we begin to receive resumes, we review the professional background of candidates to determine if they should move forward in the process.  We also follow-up with the candidates to gather more information.
  • We compose a professional assessment of each candidate and forward this analysis along with the candidate’s resume(including compensation history) to the client.
  • Clients inform us of which candidates that they would like to speak with and we coordinate the initial interview.
  • Shortly after the initial interview is conducted, we reach out to the client to receive their feedback as this is the optimal time to discuss the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • We then proceed to contact the candidate to determine their first impressions.  Afterwards, we compile all of the candidate’s comments and send them to the client via email.
  • Conduct further research and background screening into candidates that are progressing through the interview process.
  • Trial close candidates on accepting any potential offers.  For those individuals who are unable to say “yes”, find out what is holding them back from accepting an offer.  If they lack interest, enthusiasm or simply want too much money, advise clients that these individuals should be withdrawn from the process.
  • Organize subsequent and final interviews.
  • Discuss and coordinate the presentation of the offer sheet.
  • Prepare candidate for the job offer while managing expectations so there are no surprises or disappointments. Also , insure that the candidate will not leverage the offer to get a better compensation package with current employer.
  • Present the offer to the candidate with a definitive deadline for acceptance.
  • Upon acceptance, consult with the candidate on resignation protocol.
  • Offer candidate assistance in finding the best real estate agents, schools or other necessary relocation resources.
  • Follow-up offer placement to insure smooth transition.




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We work as a single united team with leading companies in Asia to provide them the best talent in their respective industries.